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Pain Management

Comprehensive treatment for pain.

Physical Therapy

Restoring function and mobility.

Neurological Therapy

Brain and stroke rehabilitation.

Psychological Therapy

Emotional help for dealing with pain.

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Fixing the root cause of pain.

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Rehab Arizona | Pain Management in Mesa & Physical Therapy in Mesa

Pain Management in mesa

Pain Management in Mesa Arizona

Rehab Arizona is the East Valley’s best center for comprehensive help with pain management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, neurological therapy and rehabilitation, psychological therapy, and weight loss and nutrition counseling. We can treat all types of pain and their causes.

Pain Management in Mesa – A One-Stop Shop

The genius of Rehab Arizona is our comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of pain, disabilities, impairments, and injury. Our team of experienced doctors work with each patient individually, and consult together to come up with the most accurate diagnosis possible and a corresponding plan of care. This plan of care is custom tailored to the needs and circumstances of each patient, and offers a comprehensive approach to managing and treating their pain. We work with in-house physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, speech therapists, and nutrition and exercise counselors to give our patients the medical, physical, and emotional help they need. Our goal is to help each patient learn to manage their pain and become pain free with as little assistance from habit forming drugs as possible. Our Pain Management in Mesa, facility is here to support you and guide you.

Physical Therapy in Mesa & Occupational Therapy

Our physical therapists and occupational therapists work with your pain management doctor to help develop goals and treatment plans that are designed to restore mobility, functional ability, movement potential, and quality of life for our patients. We will so happy to help you at our Physical Therapy in Mesa Arizona.

Neurological Therapy & Neurological Rehabilitation

Physical therapy in Mesa Arizona

Physical Therapy in Mesa

Some of our pain management doctors have specialized training and experience in the treatment and care of patients suffering from the effects of neurological diseases and disorders, spasticity, and brain trauma associated with neurological events such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord injury. We also have an incredible team of neurological therapists who are on the cutting edge of treatment and rehabilitation for all types of neurological events and disorders. We are one of the few places in Arizona that offers outpatient neurological rehabilitation to stroke and traumatic brain injury victims.

Psychological Therapy

Many of Rehab Arizona’s patients suffer from debilitating injuries and chronic pain. This constant pain can take it’s toll on the mental well-being and stability of an individual. Rehab Arizona’s psychological services program is unique and superior to others because it combines the specialties of clinical psychology and neuropsychology to address the cognitive difficulties as well as the emotional and behavioral impact of pain and disability.

Weight Loss & Nutrition Programs

At Rehab Arizona we offer complete wellness to aid in the recovery of many orthopedic concerns. Our Weight Loss & Nutrition Program is an included benefit with your physical therapy treatment. If you qualify, you will receive exercise and nutrition guidance from caring professionals who understand your body and your needs. We offer these extra services at no additional cost to you because we really do care! If you have any of the following conditions you may qualify for the Weight Loss & Nutrition Program at no additional cost included with your Physical Therapy treatment: Weight Concerns, Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and many others. Call or email today to see if you qualify.

Massage Therapy Services

Our Augusta Ranch clinic has developed an exclusive agreement with Advanced Bodywork Therapeutics to provide massage and bodywork services. Matthew Moller, LMT, MB is an Arizona state licensed massage therapist, and recognized as a Master Bodyworker by the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. He has been in private practice for 20 years specializing in chronic pain relief, injury rehabilitation, post surgery, and athletic performance. For more information, please click HERE.